Financial Justification / ROI – The Most Valued Content for 2013

Did you know that according to CEB, 53% of surveyed buyers indicated that customer loyalty goes to those firms not with superior brand perception, product and service delivery, or even the value-to-price ratio, but overwhelmingly to those firms that provide the Best Buying Experience?

And one of the most important elements to providing the Best Buying Experience is for your marketing and sales professionals to provide the right content and consultative engagements to help your buyers overcome challenges, make the right purchase decisions, and drive competitive advantage.

So what do your Customers think is the most valued sales and marketing content?

According to IDC’s annual 2012 Buyer Experience Study, it was not Product Information, Peer/Customer References, Industry Trends, Competitive Comparisons and Case Studies, but by a large margin, Financial Justification / ROI.

Why has Financial Justification / ROI moved upwards this year to become the most valued content?

In our recent ValueStory™ roadshows, this has been a great discussion topic, and the reasons discussed seem to be focused on:

  • The Rise of the Economic Buyer – CFOs and financial executives are “large and in charge” of more groups and more purchase decisions, putting in place more financial scrutiny and hurdles to any purchase decision. With economic diligence front and center, even non-financial executives now are more focused on the business metrics and bottom-line impact of purchase decisions.
  • More Stakeholders – the average number of stakeholders involved in purchase decisions has risen a hefty 40% over just the past 3 years according to IDC.  And each stakeholder sees value differently – value is truly in the eye of the beholder. With more stakeholders, demand has been boosted for Financial Justification / ROI, in particular aligned to individual stakeholder’s perspectives.
  • The Value Gap – Sales and marketing often falls way short in providing the key financial justification content buyers need to make timely and favorable purchase decisions. In sales, this is such a big issue that SiriusDecisions indicates the “Inability to Communicate Value” is the #1 issue why sales has failed to meet quota, this for the second year running.
So, the big question:
  • Do you have the Financial Justification / ROI marketing content and sales tools buyers now demand?
  • Can you help buyers easily and credibly quantify their pain, justify proposed gains and prove you are “not the same”?

If you don’t, here’s some important guides to help you develop the right Financial Justification / ROI strategy that will be vital for your success in 2013:



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