Friday, October 05, 2012

Empower Your Mobile Sales Teams with New Value Selling App

We are excited to announce six live events to introduce our new ValueStory™ App, which is designed to change the way your sales teams leverage iPads to provocatively engage prospects with the unique value proposition of their solutions.

The events, conducted in conjunction with leading research firm IDC, are designed to provide you with exclusive research, best practices and mobile tools to reshape your 2013 value selling capability and effectiveness.

The event locations, schedule and sign-up can be found at:

According to IDC research, B2B purchase decisions now involve 40% more stakeholders, and now take close to 10% longer than just three years ago. Buyers want help with reducing the complexity and length of purchase decisions, relying on sales professionals to help accelerate the decision process. 

At the same time, buyers have become more frugal, indicating the need for financial justification / ROI content as the most important factor in their decision making, topping product reviews, demos, customer references, case studies and all other content by a large margin. However, sales professionals remain challenged to effectively communicate and quantify value to ever more frugal buyers, making this the single most important barrier to 2013 selling success.

ValueStory specifically addresses this challenge, arming your sales professionals with the right value storytelling and quantification tools, especially leveraging new mobile technology to interactively engage with today’s more empowered, overloaded and frugal prospects.

“Delivering the same old fluffy value messages using traditional PowerPoint presentations or whiteboard sketches just doesn’t cut it anymore,” says Tom Pisello, CEO and founder of Alinean. “This is why ValueStory is so important, leveraging mobile selling tools to interactively engage prospects with compelling insights, diagnostic assessments, provocative benchmarks, and credible value justification.”

In exclusive live roadshow events, Alinean’s Tom Pisello is accompanied by Randy Perry, VP of Business Value Consulting for IDC, to discuss the latest research as to why value communication is such an important issue to tackle, present what best practices will be required to succeed in 2013, and introduce the Alinean ValueStory App.

“Enabling sales to evolve from product to value selling has been a challenge,” says Randy Perry. “ValueStory represents the first mobile value selling platform, to make delivering your value proposition easy to quantify and ultra-effective to deliver.”

Five live events are designed for sales executives and sales enablement professionals, and scheduled for:
  • San Francisco – October 10th
  • Palo Alto – October 11th
  • Boston – October 17th
  • Seattle – October 23rd
  • Austin – November 6th

Early registration is suggested, as space is limited for each live event. A webcast will also be conducted on October 30th for those unable to make the local events.

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