Thursday, September 20, 2012

ROI now Guaranteed on Value Marketing Tools

Alinean announced this week an ROI Guarantee for Value Marketing Tool campaigns. Designed for B2B marketers, to drive better engagements and assure that lead generation goals are exceeded, this program combines compelling Interactive White Papers and Benefit Estimators with integrating e-mail marketing to exclusive targeted communities.

“Traditional one-size-fits-all white papers just don’t work with today’s more overloaded, skeptical and frugal buyer, requiring B2B marketers to quickly evolve their content marketing to more effective Interactive White Papers and tools,” says Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy / CEO and Founder of Alinean. “The ROI Guarantee alleviates the anxiety inherent with advancing to new interactive value marketing programs, by delivering assured performance.”

The ROI Guarantee program is launched in partnership with Pure Incubation, creators of EnterpriseGuide, the social buying community for Enterprise Technology, and MedData Group, the single largest marketing resource for medical systems decision makers.

“Your marketing programs need a differentiating edge in order to generate the right opportunities and drive revenue performance”, says Barry Harrigan, Chairman of Pure Incubation. “Alinean’s Value Marketing Tools advance beyond traditional content to create a more relevant, personalized and compelling engagement with prospects, in turn, driving much more effective demand-gen performance.”

In partnership with EnterpriseGuide, Alinean Interactive White Papers and Benefit Estimators  are used to fuel more effective technology marketing campaigns to a member community of over 4 million IT and business decision makers in North America.

To provide healthcare solution providers with better audience engagement, Alinean leverages MedData Group’s HealthcarePro database, marketing to over one million healthcare professionals, including over 700,000 US-based physicians, more than 141,000 US-based healthcare information technology professionals, and more than 188,000 healthcare administrators.

All campaigns leverage Alinean Value Marketing Tools to drive superior response rates and target qualified members of specific communities. The ROI is guaranteed via delivery of a minimum number of high quality, better engaged leads directly to the B2B marketers’ marketing automation platform (MAP). Superior nurturing is as each lead contains verified and full demographic, e-mail and phone contact information, as well as customer intelligence collected from the tools and a copy of the delivered personalized report.

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