Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Value Selling & Marketing with the iPad? You Betcha!

The iPad is perceived as a great new business tool, to potentially empower your sales to deliver more provocative interactive presentations, and enable your marketing to provide engaging content to ever more mobile buyers.

And the perception is becoming reality, as:
  • 30% of sales professionals are now using iPads and other tablets in their sales activities (CSO Insights) with 47% of 8,500 sales professionals worldwide reported accelerated sales cycle as the tablets’ greatest advantage (Huthwaite),
  • 23% of buyers are using tablets for research on purchases, according to an upcoming DemandGen Report research study, and as a result, "The desktop computer is becoming nearly obsolete as a primary research channel".

Enabling Challenger Selling with the iPad

For your sales professionals, the iPad represents a new tool with great promise, and this cannot come soon enough as:
  • Less than 1 in 3 sales professionals are perceived as adding any value to the sales process, and only 13% of buyers think sales meetings are valuable. (Forrester)
  • The “Inability to communicate value messages” remains the number one inhibitor to achieving quota (SiriusDecisions)
With the iPad and the right interactive applications however, you can indeed overcome these challenges.

What if you could replace the traditional PPT sales presentation, empowering sales to evolve from ineffective product / solution selling to more provocative value selling?

One way you could do this is with iPad value selling applications, which can help you present challenging and compelling insight to more skeptical / frugal buyers, including interactive needs analysis, diagnostic assessments, solution recommendations,  "cost of doing nothing" calculations, benefit estimates, ROI analysis and TCO competitive comparisons.

Think about being able to sit down next to a buyer with your iPad, answer a few simple interactive questions, and receive a customized configuration, cost comparison recommendation and business case.

An Alinean powered Benefits Estimator on an iPad, interactively helping to custom configure and cost justify supply chain / shipping solutions.
The mantra for your sales team should be, forget "death by PowerPoint", and instead completely personalize your sales presentation, justify the purchase, prove competitive value and win the business.

Connect and Engage Better via the iPad
For marketing, the ability for traditional content to generate leads and engagement has been declining steadily as buyers become more overloaded and demanding. If you are like most, your traditional pitch and marketing vehicles are challenged to work as well as they used to.

Your buyer wants content that is shorter in length, more personalized, 110% relevant, and can help them justify "Why Change?", "Why Now?" and "Why You?".  And the demands don't stop there, as your prospects also want the content optimized for whatever channel they happen to be using, especially tablets like iPads.

The gap between high buyer expectations and  current content marketing tactics is revealed in Content Marketing Institute survey results, with 41% of marketers indicating that current content marketing investments are currently ineffective

What if there was a way to for your to leverage interactive content and the iPad to personalize and shorten the content, improving relevance, answering key prospect questions, and drive better connections and engagement?

One way to you could do this is with iPad enabled Value Marketing tools. Imagine being able to generate more leads, while creating deeper and more meaningful engagements - advancing from traditional to interactive white papers, diagnosing issues with simple assessment tools, and quantifying the "cost of doing nothing" and value of change with benefit estimators.

An Alinean powered Interactive White Paper, developing and delivering a completely personalized PDF white paper to an engaged buyer via the iPad.

The Bottom Line
Your prospects have changed, now more in-control, overloaded, skeptical and frugal than ever before. As a result, marketing and selling the same old way just won't cut.

To be effective, you should dump the traditional PPTs and marketing materials, taking advantage of new devices like the iPad and new interactive value selling and marketing tools to be more relevant, provocative and challenging.

Contact us today to get a demo and learn more about these iPad optimized value selling and marketing tools.

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