Value-Focused Content Marketing a Requirement

Marketers need to focus more on the value proposition and less on the sales pitch, this according to a new DemandGen Report on B2B Content Preferences.

Based on a survey designed to better understand the preferences of today’s B2B buyer, the report had some important insight for marketers who are developing content marketing strategies:

Show Me the Money - 75% of buyers would like marketers to “curb the sales messaging and “focus less on products and more on value”. Today’s more skeptical and frugal buyers want marketers to reevaluate their content strategies, focusing more on the value proposition and how the solutions can help buyers achieve business objectives and overcome challenges.
Short Attention Span Theater - 48% of buyers would like content to be more concise, taking less time to consume.  The ideal length for consuming content:
·         Webinars – between 30 to 60 minutes,
·         White Papers and Case Studies – between 10 and 20 minutes,
·         Videos, Interactive Presentations / Tools, Blog Posts –between 5 to 10 minutes,
·         Infographics and Podcasts – less than 5 minutes.

Only a Matter of Trust - 60% of buyers are placing a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness of the content, particularly as to the source that created the content. To gain more trust, 52% trust content more when it includes peer reviews and user generated feedback, while 33% indicated that they trust content more when it is created by 3rd parties / analysts.

It’s Personal - Content personalization is important, with buyers wanting to see vendor content more personalized by business role (46%), by industry (42%) by vertical (33%) and by all of these in combination (31%). Location as a content personalization preference lagged dramatically, with only 3% having location based preferences.

The Bottom Line
Buyers remain more in-control, overloaded, skeptical and frugal than ever before as Frugalnomics remains in full effect. The DemandGen Report highlights that it will take a more refined content marketing approach to win – focusing more on value, relevance, trust and personalization.

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Source: DemandGen Report - B2B Content Preferences SurveyMay 2012


Cindy Barnes said…
Great post Tom, as always concise and to the point.

We're seeing this too especially the 'focus less on products (services) and more on value'. Products only have meaning for customers when they're actually using them, in context, and relevant to the problem they're trying to solve. Understanding context from the customers perspective is the first step to understanding what they really value.

Cindy Barnes, author of Creating & Delivering your Value Proposition

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