Sales Enablement Gets Sirius - 3 Key Research Findings You Need to Know

I had the pleasure of attending SiriusDecisions Summit in Scottsdale this past week, as Alinean was once again a Platinum Sponsor. Some of my favorite sessions at the event were about sales enablement – where the current practices are, and how they can be improved to drive sales productivity (efficiency and effectiveness).

Presented by SiriusDecision analysts Jim Ninivaggi, John Neeson and Pat McAnally, the sessions revealed three important findings, and I’ve included our take on what the metrics mean:

The #1 reason CXO's see sales people? To make them more competitive – Executives don’t want a sales pitch. Instead, they demand insights about how competitive their company is now, and advice on what specific high-value changes can be made to improve their competitive position.  

Are you enabling sales with the tools needed to make clients more competitive - providing diagnostic competitive assessments and consultative improvement advice?

Two out of Three Cx level decision makers want to engage digitally versus in person with sales – Executives don’t see enough value in meeting with sales, and instead prefer to do their own research independently, leveraging the Internet and social media, specifically self-service content and tools from vendor web sites, analyst firms, and peer groups.

Do you have the on-line content and tools to credibly connect and engage with “in-control” executives, specifically assets that can help customers become more competitive and answer “Why Change”, “Why Now” and “Why You”?

Are you arming sales professionals with the provocative content to abandon the traditional sales pitch, challenge the status-quo, and proactively deliver the compelling insight executives demand?

The #1 reason sales does not make quota? Continues to be “Failure to communicate/ quantify value” – sales realizes that buyers have changed – more skeptical and frugal than ever before, and demanding bottom-line impact and superior value from every purchase. Sales professionals struggle to meet these new frugal customer expectations, challenged to communicate and quantify the value of proposed solutions.
Are your sales professionals able to quantify the “cost of doing nothing“, to challenge prospects to start moving, and the value of proposed solutions, to justify purchases and prove competitive advantage?

To learn more about strategies you can use to address these sales enablement challenges, click here.


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