A Better Way to Go Mobile – Interactive White Paper (powered by Alinean)

A mobile application platform provider had an urgent requirement to generate a wealth of qualified leads, particularly connecting and engaging with enterprise web and application managers seeking to take their apps mobile in a timelier, more cost effective manner.

To fuel the demand generation program, Alinean developed the Better Way to Go Mobile Interactive White Paper, which unlike traditional static white papers, leveraged the prospect’s profile to completely personalize the white paper content, creating a customized analysis as to the prospect’s return from mobile strategy.

The Interactive White Paper fueled an Alinean crafted email marketing campaign to select prospect communities, promoting the Better Way to Go Mobile Interactive White Paper. Leveraging the embedded prospect profile data already in the e-mail link, one click from the prospect was all it took to completely personalize and deliver the interactive white paper to the prospect. And as a guaranteed Alinean leads program, success of the campaign is ensured.

The Interactive White Paper was also leveraged as a priority engagement resource to help fuel other online campaigns, and enable sales and marketing to better engage with economic-focused customers.

Click here to run the Better Way to Go Mobile Interactive White Paper for yourself.


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