Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alinean Challenges Frugalnomics to Drive Record 2012 Q1 Performance

Driving B2B Sales & Marketing Revenue by Quantifying the “Cost of Doing Nothing” and Cost-Justifying Change to Frugal Prospects

Alinean today announced record results for Q1 2012, driven by the development and launch of several significant value selling and marketing campaigns for Alinean’s existing blue-chip accounts, and the addition of six new customers including Dassault Systems, GE Healthcare, Concur, Kony, Isilon Systems, and Abiquo.

The quarter also saw the return of Alinean’s founder Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, as he re-engaged in day-to-day leadership, and assumed the role of CEO.

“There is a new breed of buyer, who is more in control, skeptical and frugal than ever before, a condition we call Frugalnomics,” said Tom Pisello, CEO and Founder of Alinean. “In this environment, traditional sales and marketing won’t work, as you now have to challenge the buyer’s statusquo in order to get to yes.”

Alinean interactive value selling and marketing tools help B2B sales professionals and prospects fight Frugalnomics, by provoking prospects to take action, tallying the “cost of doing nothing” and cost-justifying proposed solutions. The Alinean tools help answer the key purchasing decision questions of “Why Change?”, “Why Now?” and “Why the Proposed Solution?” in a more quantified and compelling way than traditional marketing collateral and sales pitches.

The Alinean value selling and marketing tools include:

·         Interactive White Papers – to personalize provocative research and challenging insight, helping to break the status quo and drive new opportunities

·         Benefit Estimators – to quantify the cost of doing nothing and estimate the potential savings and business value of proposed improvements

·         Diagnostic Assessment Tools  - to help identify and prioritize the buyer’s opportunities for improvement

·         ROI / TCO Sales Tools – to differentiate and prove the value of proposed solutions to frugal buyers and financial executives.
As the demand for these value-based sales and marketing tools grows, Alinean continues to expand its significant customer and partner base, as the preferred interactive value selling and marketing tool provider.

“Our B2B customers continue to outperform their peers, increasing their lead-gen performance, breaking the status quo, accelerating sales cycles and reducing discounting,” said Tom Pisello, CEO and Founder of Alinean.

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