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No Respect. Social Media Marketing Not a Top Executive Priority?

Although social media marketing is popular amongst marketers, with 80% of companies with at least 100 employees using social networks for marketing this year, it’s still not a top strategic priority.

Penn, Schoen & Berland, in a survey of executives who have final say or significant input on social business strategy, found that only 27% listed social business as a top strategic priority. Nearly half (47%) admitted a social plan was necessary but not a strategic priority and 19% said social business strategy was simply not necessary.

The conundrum, although 78% of executives thought a social business strategy was somewhat or very important to the future success of their business and 53% believe they must adopt social or risk falling behind; at this time, social media marketing is just not a top priority.

Comparing the top initiatives, a separate survey by Forbes Insights and Coremetrics indicated that social media marketing was a top priority for a mere 11% of marketing executives, ta…

Marketing Budgets Rise in Face of Economic Headwinds

It's good news for marketers in 2011, as 57% of senior-level marketers say they are increasing their overall marketing spend in 2011. According to CMO Council's State of Marketing Report, a survey of 700 top marketers, 26% of respondents indicated an increase in spending of 1%-5%., with 23% reporting even higher growth expectations.

The business environment remains tough though, with 51% of marketers citing the recovering economy (or lack there-of) as their number one challenge. New technologies or engagement channels (42%) present the next greatest challange, as marketers must now develop campaigns and content in more formats, and delivered via more channels.

The budget increases are being established to help drive business in spite of economic headwinds, with senior management mandating the marketing investments drive top-line growth (46%), grow or retain market share (45%) and better define brands and value propositions (31%).

A great synposis of the research can be found o…

23 Ways to Leverage a Blog Post for Content Marketing Success

The biggest challenge B2B marketers face is producing engaging content (36%), a Content Marketing Institute survey of 1,100 marketers revealed.

One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to leverage existing content - finding ways to recast and deliver the content via multiple mediums and channels - connecting with buyers where they are, and via the medium they like best.

Click here to read my CMI article, an example of how a single blog post can be leveraged 23 ways to drive content success:

IT Sales & Marketing Grows More Complex: Only 5% of CIOs Can Authorize IT Investments Alone

CFOs and other executives are in more control of IT purchases than ever, this according to recent research by Gartner, Inc., Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) and the Committee of Finance & IT (CFIT) of Financial Executives International (FEI).

The study reveals that CFOs have more influence than many would expect - authorizing 26% of all IT investments. Surprisingly, CIOs alone have authorized only 5% of IT investments, confirming what many IT sales and marketing professionals already know, that the vast majority of IT purchase approvals involve more stakeholders, as well as significant executive scrutiny.

Since the bursting of the technology bubble in 2001, and reinforced by the Great Recession, CFOs have gained more organizational control over IT departments and decision making, driving more frugal / economic-focused IT purchase decisions – a condition we have coined Frugalnomics.

With the financial executive wielding so much approval power, savvy marketers and sales…

IT Spending on the Rise, But Frugalnomics Still Reigns

The latest IT spending metrics have been released by Gartner, and the news is good for the second half of this year and 2011 overall.

Worldwide IT spending is estimated to grow by 7.1% in 2011, this despite headwinds from the Japan disaster, Greece debt crisis, high oil / gas prices, and doubts over US spending / debt. Gartner’s forecasts are up significantly from estimates earlier in the year, when 5.6 % growth for 2011 was the prediction, despite the disaster and perceived pause in the global recovery.

Leading the recovery is a resurgence in infrastructure investments, with Computing Hardware expected to grow 11.7%, followed by Enterprise Software (9.5%), Telecommunications (6.9%) and IT Services (6.6%) and IT Services (6.6%).

During the Great Recession, infrastructure investments were put on hold, leading to a postponement in important additions and upgrades. This has led to a snapback in hardware spending in both 2010 (12.1% growth) and now again in 2011.

In prior recoveries, it has…

Infographic: White Papers are Influence Kings, But Need Personalization to Retain Crown

Did you know that:
White papers are still the content of choice for today's B2B decision maker, used most and viewed as most influential compared to all other contentHowever, campaign overload is making white papers less effective / relevantResearch indicates that specific personalization is needed to help restore relevance and influenceClick here to view the Infographic: latest research and best practice recommendations

Infographic: Content Marketing Optimization

Did you know that:
Over 26% of total marketing budgets is spent annually on content marketing creation and distribution, and investments are growingHowever , content marketing is perceived as ineffective by 41% of marketersWhy the crisis in confidence?
Is it that today's buyer has changed: more empowered, skeptical and frugal than ever before?Is it the proliferation of channels and the lack of benchmarks / performance measures?
Click here for an Infographic on the latest research and best practice advice