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Spring has Sprung, and So Should New Sales and Marketing Practices

Spring is in the air for us here in the United States, and with the long winter many have had, the change in seasons can’t come soon enough.

But the season is not the only change in the air. If you are in B2B sales and marketing, there is another forecast that is just as promising, especially if you recognize the pending fertile business opportunity and prepare accordingly.

It is not often we see so many thought leaders and pundits confluence around such significant observations:

• At Forrester, sales enablement analyst Scott Santucci indicates that “We are in the middle of a major transformation in the B2B sales model, driven by customer’s enterprise-wide strategic procurement initiatives to buy only what they need at the lowest possible price”.

• Marketing luminary Seth Godin indicates that "No business buys a solution for a problem they don't have." And yet, so many B2B marketers launch into presenting the cool features and functions of their product, without taking…

Alinean recognized by BtoB Magazine’s as one of Top Agencies for 2011

With the economic recovery in 2010, top advertising firms and interactive agencies were finally able to report the return of healthy growth, according to BtoB Magazine's 2011 Top Agency Report.
At Alinean, we were very pleased to be recognized by BtoB Magazine as one of the Top Agencies for 2011.

For us, things have never been better, as even through the economic slowdown Alinean continued record growth. Why? Savvy B2B marketers realized that:
Buyers had fundamentally and permanently changed, Frugalnomics was in full effectNew value-focused campaigns and tools such as interactive white papers, diagnostic assessments, ROI calculators and TCO comparisons (which twe at Alinean pioneered), were needed to connect, engage and sell to these ever more empowered, skeptical and frugal buyers.
Over the past 12 months, Alinean has focused on existing customer relationship, developing and delivering even more value-based campaigns for leading B2B firms such as IBM, HP, EMC, Dell, Microsoft and S…

Provocation-Based Selling: Loosening the Status-Quo for Sales Success

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, one of the most respected names in technology marketing and strategies, Geoffrey Moore (Crossing the Chasm) discussed how diagnostic and benchmarking sales techniques can be used, particularly during a downturn, to help engage executives, open up new opportunities and unfreeze previously stuck sales processes.

Moore describes the bad news facing B2B solution providers:
Forced to do-more-with-less, most organizations lack formal budgets for new projects, leaving less than 15% in discretionary funds to fund a backlog of projects, likely your proposal.With less money to go around, proposals are subjected to higher levels of review in buying organizations, and the managers you’ve traditionally dealt with are no longer the decision makers.Geoffrey Moore confirms simply that what we have termed Frugalnomics is in full effect.

The good news, is that savvy marketers and sales enablement groups have found a way to succeed in this tough environment, u…

The Big O – Outcome Selling

Today’s buyer is more empowered, skeptical and frugal than ever before, providing a greater than ever challenge to sales professionals, and shaking the very foundations of traditional selling models. At Alinean, we have coined this new B2B challenge as Frugalnomics, indicated by:

1. Empowered Buyers: Fueled by the Internet, with access to a wealth of resources, research, discussions, product and pricing information, buyers are self-empowered to drive the buying cycle, inviting sales later and later into the decision making process, if at all. Commodity sales professionals are being disinter-mediated.

2. SkepticalBuyers: Inundated with more carpet-bombing marketing campaigns than ever before, buyers are suffering from information overload, making it difficult, if not impossible, to use legacy strategies to break through the noise to connect and engage with decision makers, and moreover, gain their trust. B2B buyers are now relying on industry analysts, peers and trusted 3rd party publica…

The Demand Spectrum and Value-Based Sales & Marketing

Based on the lifecycle of your particular B2B company and product lines, you may find yourself in one of three distinctive categories that SiriusDecisions created to help define how to best market and sell your solutions.

The SiriusDecisions Demand Creation Spectrum consists of the following categories:

• New concept: A disruptive product or service with no budgetary line item within target organizations. New concept marketing and selling is highly evangelistic and requires significant ability around uncovering issues and finding highly influential, highly motivated prospects.

• New paradigm: A product or service that promises to retool or optimize an existing process, or solve a known issue more effectively than currently believed to be possible. The replacement (or at the least the augmentation) of a product or service making up an existing line item will generally be required with this type of demand.

• Established market: A product or service that is accepted by the majority o…