Infographic: Technology an Alternative for Business Travel?

This time of year business travel is more painful than ever, especially with weather related travel delays, packed flights and holiday travelers.

Monica Liming-Hu from AT&T ponders some good questions about technology as an alternative for business travel.... Have you had a challenge convincing your boss that there are still ways to meet effectively face to face with a client, while staying in the office? Are you considering this an effective way to get the job done and still save the company money? Have you found yourself wanting to do the right thing and “do your part” by helping to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from your business travel?

Working with Alinean, we developed a tool for AT&T to help businesses quantify the value of technology which can provide a better solution than travel in many cases. The tool helps predict and measure savings both in terms of money and GHG, to help you convince your boss that staying grounded, yet still being able to meet face to face with technology, could indeed be a better option. Today’s technology can give the ability to collaborate, meet with important people and get the job done without all the traditional travel which uses a lot of time, money and effort, and this tool helps to build a quick, yet credible and comprehensive business case for reducing business travel with the right technology.

To get an example of some of the calculations in the tool,  calculating the average savings you can expect, checkout the new AT&T Carbon Impact Assessment Infographic.

If these infographic results are compelling, go one step further and figure out what the savings could mean specifically for you by using the Alinean powered AT&T Carbon Impact Assessment Tool.


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