Saturday, December 10, 2011

9 Cloud MythBusters: ROI, TCO and More

Survey after survey of IT executives indicates that Cloud computing ranks as one of the top strategic technologies. This prioritization makes it important for IT decision makers to quickly and clearly understand the available Cloud solution options, design considerations, deployment requirements, economic impacts and more.

Cloud computing is also one of the most hyped new technologies, leading to a decided lack of clarity. Certain bold statements making the case for Cloud computing, like “The Cloud will definitely reduce your IT costs!” or making the case against Cloud computing, like “The Cloud is not secure” should not be taken at face value.

Like most dramatic statements, these are likely to gain attention, even headlines in the media, and then rise to the status of truth.  Most likely there are some facts and more than a fair share of hot air behind these claims. In fact, many of the claims are baseless unless effort is made to create accurate research and economic-justification models, test them in the real world and prove when they are true and false. 

A bold, unsubstantiated, widely publicized statement is a myth. This paper will explore a number of Cloud IT myths and shed some light on them.

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