Thursday, November 17, 2011

Integrate Value Marketing & Selling with CRM & Marketing Automation

Easy integration of value marketing & selling tools with CRM and marketing automation systems is essential to properly connect, engage and sell to today’s more empowered, skeptical and frugal buyers. With this integration, intelligence can be shared and leveraged, campaigns can be better targeted, and prospects can be better nurtured and engaged.

To empower this integration, Alinean announces the availability of a new version of the XcelLive platform (v5.3), adding Interactive Content Connectors (ICCs) to provide streamlined data exchange between Alinean sales & marketing tools and external applications, especially marketing automation & CRM systems.

The functions include Data-In, Data-Out, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Registration services, used to:

  Pre-populate profile data in Alinean tools

o  Feed profile data from CRM / marketing automation system, registration, or web page

o  Reduce user data entry requirements

o  Automate analysis / report development

o  Save users time and improve accuracy of reports

  Collect rich data from Alinean tool users:

o  Automatically collect and feed valuable profile, configuration, opportunity, solution, assessment and value / ROI results into CRM and marketing automation systems

o  More knowledge means better targeting, nurturing, and sell through

  SSO: Enhance and expedite security

  Leverage existing registration systems to capture prospect data

For more information on Alinean XcelLive, click here:

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