Alinean Introduces Interactive Content Connectors for CRM / Marketing Automation Integration

Captures rich customer intelligence for superior lead nurturing and accelerated sales cycles 

Alinean introduced Interactive Content Connectors at the Eloqua Experience event, helping integrate Alinean-value sales / marketing tools with CRM / Marketing Automation solutions, including, Eloqua and more.

As prospects and sales professionals use Alinean-powered Interactive White Papers, Diagnostic Assessments and ROI / TCO Calculators, much intelligence is collected during the engagement. This includes customer profiles, current asset configurations, priority pain points and opportunities, solution requirements and recommendations, competitors under consideration, proposed solution costs and benefits and ROI potential. Using the new Interactive Content Connectors, this rich intelligence is captured and integrated centrally within the CRM / Marketing Automation solution, enriching the lead nurturing and sales engagement process.

Joe Payne, Eloqua Chairman and CEO Introduces Alinean Interactive Content Connectors at
Eloqua Experience 2011

“Incented with personalized white papers, diagnostic assessments and business case reports, customers are willing to share important information about their opportunities and requirements that they wouldn’t otherwise.” says Jefre Futch, CEO of Alinean, Inc. “Using the Alinean-powered tools with content connectors, this information can be collected and integrated with existing CRM and Marketing Automation solutions to help marketers and sales professionals better understand buyer needs and better facilitate their buying process.”
Interactive Content Connectors can be used in many ways to help streamline customer engagements and improve intelligence, including:

·         Using customer profile information from the CRM / marketing automation solution to pre-populate Alinean tools, reducing user data entry requirements and automating analyses / report development;

·         Automatically collecting and feeding valuable profile, configuration, opportunity, solution, assessment and savings / ROI results from the Alinean tools into CRM and marketing automation systems;

·         Single Sign-On, to control sales tool access, enhancing and expediting security.

Interactive Content Connectors are a key new feature of Alinean’s XcelLive, the first SaaS platform for the development and delivery of interactive content marketing and diagnostic sales tools without requiring any application programming.

“More knowledge means better targeting, nurturing, and sell through” says Jefre Futch, CEO of Alinean Inc. “This knowledge is delivered with the integration of Alinean sales and marketing tools and Marketing CRM and Marketing Automation solutions.”

More information about new Interactive Content Connectors and other features of Alinean’s XcelLive sales and marketing tools platform can be found at:


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