Why Choose Alinean as your Value-Based Tool Provider?

We are sometimes asked what the key differentators are between Alinean and other value-based tool providers. Let me provide just a few.

First, Alinean is THE leading provider of interactive smart content marketing and value-based sales enablement tools with extensive experience and range:

  • We are the original pioneers in the creation of interactive value selling / marketing tools and best practices, having founded the first company in this space, Interpose, back in 1993. That company was integrated successfully into leading $1B+ IT analyst firm Gartner in 1998, where founder Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, and several other important members of the Alinean team further pioneered economic justification and measurement tools.
  • At Alinean, over the past 10 years since our founding, we have created far more sales and marketing tools than all other providers combined, developing and delivering more than 1,300 tool campaigns for over 100 B2B leaders in over 10 different industries.
  • Our Alinean analysts have much more experience than others, required to have both extensive research experience, and practical field experience deploying the tools in sales enablement / marketing campaigns, and using the tools and business cases directly in customer engagements.
  • Our tools help you not just perform economic justification, but help sales and marketing facilitate each step through the buyer’s journey, from discovery through consideration and decision. Tools to facilitate the discovery phase Alinean tools include Interactive White Papers and diagnostic assessment tools. Later in the engagement cycle, to facilitate selection and justification, Alinean provides ROI calculators and analysis tools. While in the final selection phase, solutions are compared and differentiated using TCO comparison tools.
The second differentiator is Alinean's unique velocity and scalability:
  • We are the only provider with a tool development and SaaS delivery platform, XcelLive, which can create custom tools without any custom software development. It’s not a rigid program, but an open development environment on which spreadsheet “engines” are used to completely specify the user screens, tabs, graphics, logic and key data – allowing us to quickly create / convert and publish new tools, as well as the potential to share development with you to reduce cost and speed development. The platform supports tool creation with NO software development resources needed to build, refine, launch, deliver and evolve an interactive sales / marketing tool.
  • Alinean is not a one tool development shop, but a platform, providing a standardized / centralized library of tools and database of analyses and metrics.
  • We have the only scalable tool development / engagement model, a layered analyst team with Principal, Senior and Junior analysts, allowing us to handle multiple development projects at a time – providing the services you need, when you need them.
The third differentiator is that we are much more than just a tool developer:


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