What are the key parts of an ROI / TCO calculator / analysis sales tool?

The key parts of an ROI / TCO Tool include:
·         Questionnaire – to collect information about the buyer’s profile and assets (used to align the research with the unique customer’s scenario), current capital and operating costs (the baseline for improvements), and opportunities for improvement (practices currently in place or missing)

·         Research metrics database and assumptions – a set of proprietary and case study driven metrics,  used as default values in the calculations, forming the basis for cost and savings estimates, and available for review and modification by the user

·         Configuration and pricing engine – based on the prospect’s specifications, the intelligent configuration and pricing of the proposed solution(s)

·         Calculation engine – quantifying the current opportunities, change costs, benefits / savings, TCO comparisons, cash flow and key ROI , payback period and NPV savings metrics

·         Report engine – providing the ability to visualize the results on-line, and obtain a personalized report to review results and share with others, including Word, PDF and PPT versions.

Other important features include:

·         Customization – with the ability to align the specific calculations with the users goals, including the specific costs and benefits the buyer cares most about, and fully customizing assumptions and results

·          Worldwide support – natural language and currency support to present results in localized format to prospects

·         Registration and tracking – the ability to capture user information for lead-generation (buyer self-service ROI / TCO Tools), or tracking sales / channel usage

·         Identity and Access Management – the ability to save analyses, and control re-access to the tools in subsequent sessions

·         Collaboration – the ability to synchronously / asynchronously share analyses and results amongst a team, include sales, channel partners and even prospects.


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