Tuesday, September 13, 2011

There is content that will be required to support the customization within the Interactive White Paper – how does that content get developed?

On average, Interactive White Papers require 25% more content to be developed than a traditional white paper. This could be more or less, depending on the requirements, but on average, this is what we plan for.

For the case where the white paper already exists:

  • The quantitative content usually requires a small model be built in order to support converting a static average TCO savings or benefit assessment presentation in a traditional white paper, into a dynamic / personalized calculation unique to the prospect. The model is usually built by an Alinean analyst, utilizing our extensive model development expertise and research metrics database.
  • The qualitative content such as relevant case studies, recommendations and next steps often exist, but needs to be properly organized for use in the Interactive White Paper. Our Alinean analysts work with your team to identify the content to be included, mapping the content to be intelligently recommended based on the profile / pivot points.
  • In some instances, customized content needs to be developed. Our Alinean analysts will help to identify that content that needs to be developed, and then either your own resources, or our Alinean analyst resources can help write the small percentage of custom content you might need to support the personalization.

For the case where the white paper does not yet exist, we can:
  • Work with your team or third-party content developers to help define the pivot points / customization needed and help guide the authoring,
  • Leverage our Alinean team to author the white paper and make it interactive – a turn-key Interactive White Paper solution.

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