Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Prospects can be skeptical. How do I get my prospects to believe and “own” the ROI / TCO Calculator / Sales Tool results?

This is often a multi-step process:

·         First, buyers tend to trust analyst groups and peers more than vendors. The first way to gain trust is to indicate that the sales tool you are using has been developed by Alinean, a trusted third party, created by Gartner benchmarking / economic justification experts with over 20 years of experience

·         Second, the defaults in the tool have been researched and validated by a third party firm, Alinean and the other indicated / documented sources

·         Third, the tool is not a “black-box” calculator that always produces positive results. Any and all assumptions in the tool are available for review and can be changed / edited to match your own specific costs, opportunities and estimated improvements.

Review and editing is encouraged, and presents the best way ultimately for prospects to “own” the results.

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