Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is ROI /TCO Analysis too complex for sales people to handle?

Over 90% of today’s B2B solution buyers require a business case prior to approved purchases, and over 81% expect the solution provider to develop and deliver the business case for them. Their frugal sentiment – if you want to sell us something, you, the sales professionals, need to provide quantified economic justification.

You can’t afford to not have your sales people proactively develop and deliver credible business cases for proposed solutions. However, we know that although improved, research shows that only 6% of sales professionals are truly outcome / value-selling focused.

ROI / TCO Analysis tools should be designed knowing that sales professionals are evolving their value selling engagement methodology and skill sets. The tools should be easy to use proactively with clients, not requiring much data input to create quick-engagement results initially, with more ability to review and alter assumptions in subsequent client workshop engagements. The results should be presented / visualized clearly in a non-complex manner, helping the sales professional bridge the gap to a credible CFO presentable report, and easy / clear defense of the assumptions and calculations.

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