How much effort will my team have to expend in order to help develop an Alinean-powered ROI / TCO Calculator / Sales Tool?

An ROI / TCO Tool will require your team to collaborate, providing input and reviews on the questions, benefit and cost calculations, assumptions, configuration and pricing, visualizations / graphs and reports.

Your team will typically consist of a product manager, and subject matter experts from product marketing, sales enablement and the field (sales professionals and channel managers).

The team typically participates in on-line interactive meetings, consisting of:

·         Initial project kickoff

·         Weekly project and review meetings

Independently, the team will be asked to review various interim developments, including:

·         Initial spreadsheet prototype

·         Alpha (first instantiation into the tool)

·         Beta (including the report content)

·         Pilot

 The simpler the tool, the less time / resources are needed by your team. More advanced / complex tools with more questions, benefits, assumptions, calculations and report content will require more input and reviews.


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