How many profile questions does Alinean recommend for an Interactive White Paper questionnaire?

Interactive White Papers are designed to quickly personalize white paper content for relevancy. The last thing a user wants to do, even to get a valuable white paper, is fill out a lengthy profile to receive their personalized report, but at the same time you want to ask enough questions so that the content can be customized appropriately.

As a rule of thumb, we typically limit the number of questions to 4 or 5 for personalization, with the following as some considerations:
  • To limit the amount of data to collect, if the user is already registered and their registration information is available, the profile can be fed to the Interactive White Paper to pre-fill in several profile data points. This occurs automatically on program launch, and means the user does not have to retype important profile information.
  • The questions should be as important and prioritized as possible, including as few questions as possible to support customization. Typically these are limited to:
    • Role in buying decision (persona)
    • Stage in buying cycle (discovery, consideration, selection)
    • Pain points / opportunity sizing
    • Industry
    • Organization Size
    • Geographic Location
  • Every effort should be made to balance the data points needed versus the need to have more data points for more thorough personalization.
  • As well, each question should be readily answerable by the user, without having to do additional research or ask peers for assistance.


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