Thursday, September 15, 2011

How can I get my sales folks to best adopt the Alinean-powered sales tools?

The first challenge is awareness. Sales professionals and channel partners need to know that these tools exist, and have clear recommendations on where to best use them in the sales process / to help facilitate the buyer’s journey.
Building awareness can include:
·         Introductory Webinars

·         E-mail  / Newsletter Notifications

·         Postings to Sales Resource Centers

·         Inclusion in Sales Playbook

·         An internal Blog from an influential executive

·         Tool user support – typically e-mail support by your team, via a centralized alias, to get answers to basic access / use questions

Second, the sales team needs to have a proficiency using the tool as part of a consultative sales process. This needs to include more education, as well as more support services:
·         Webinar to provide more advanced training beyond simple awareness

·         Inclusion and mapping to Sales Training Methodology

·         Deal desk support – an expert to help run the tool workshop with prospects and prepare business case reports (both virtually and on-site)

·         Sales Success Case Studies – posting scenarios where the tool delivered incremental success

As part of both awareness and proficiency, metrics should be targeted and tracked, to assure that the established number of users are registering for and using the tools as planned. Alinean Success Workshops help map and track these metrics for you, proactively on initial launch, and every 6-12 months depending on your requirements, tracking success and driving necessary improvements.

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