How are the Alinean ROI / TCO Calculator / Sales Tools updated, for changes such as pricing, research updates, etc?

It is very easy for us to continue to evolve and maintain the content, configurations and pricing, value propositions and calculations, default metrics and more within the ROI / TCO Calculators / Sales Tools.

No software application development / programming is needed to edit / evolve the survey questions, benchmark comparisons, recommendations or report content. An analyst simply edits a spreadsheet and / or Word / PPT template to change the questions, cost and benefits engine, default metrics, financial calculations and personalized report content.

Although we normally maintain and evolve the ROI / TCO  Tool for you as a service, if you would like to maintain the tool on your own, your experts can be trained to do so, sharing or transferring the maintenance and evolution to suite your needs / budget.

A special ValueExpert™ Authoring training class and certification provide the skills your team needs to proficiently maintain ROI / TCO Tools and other sales / marketing tools using the Alinean XcelLive™ platform.


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