A Content Optimization Program?

We often get comments from customers that they don't want to just implement a value-based sales & marketing tool, but want more extensive advice on how our entire content for marketing and sales can be better optimized.

This is important, as the average company dedicates an impressive 26% of total marketing spend on content, yet almost 60% believe their content efforts are less than effective.

To help assure that content efforts are effective, we at Alinean have created the Content Optimization Assessment, a two part complimentary and independent assessment of your content spending, strategy, tactics and success, including:

  • A Benchmark Assessment, created in partnership with the Content Marketing Institute, to analyze your spending, tactics and effectiveness compared to over 1,100 marketing organizations,
  • A Content Alignment Analysis, assessing the relevance of your current content assets and how they are currently facilitating the buyer's journey, or perhaps need re-alignment.
The resultant 30+ page audit report can be invaluable in confirming your current content programs and identifying key gaps/improvement areas.

More information about the assessment and sign-up can be found at: http://www.alinean.com/COA


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