Case Study: ShoreTel TCO Tool (powered by Alinean)

The Unified Communications market is extremely competitive, and in order to move the discussion forward with today's more skeptical / frugal buyer, ShoreTel needed to quantify and prove the head-to-head cost advantages and superior value compared to competitive offerings.
To address this opportunity, Alinean developed the ShoreTel TCO Tool to compare total cost of ownership (TCO) for various unified communications systems, and quantify the advantages of ShoreTel's solutions.

Partners and enterprise sales professionals have adopted the tool significantly more than prior in-house developed programs, driving significant multi-million dollar customer deals.

Hear first hand the value this tool has had to ShoreTel and it's partners, as Tamara Taylor, BTI Group Director of Sales discusses the benefits of the ShoreTel TCO Tool (powered by Alinean):


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