Can the user information captured with the Alinean-powered marketing tools be shared with CRM / marketing automation solutions?

Yes, we have an Interactive Content Connector service that supports seamless  integration with CRM and lead management / marketing automation solutions such as, Marketo, Eloqua, SilverPop and more.

The integration can be used in multiple ways to help streamline user interaction, capture and enrich leads.

When a user runs an Alinean powered-tool, via the service, the registration information from your own registration system can be fed into the Alinean tool, pre-filling in key profile information.

When registration information is captured from the Alinean tool, the service interacts to capture and share the registration information, as well as information beyond the registration profile, to include current opportunities, assets, costs, configurations and key analysis results. This rich information is invaluable for sales & marketing understanding the prospect better, and for guiding more precise / relevant action / follow-up.


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