Can Spreadsheet-based Sales & Marketing Tools be Converted into On-line Applications?

Often we are asked, "If we already have a spreadsheet-based sales and marketing tools, can these be converted easily into an online tool?"

The answer is "Yes". Alinean can uniquely take your existing spreadsheet based tools, and using our XcelLive™ platform, directly create a sales / marketing tool with NO custom software development needed.

First, the Alinean analyst works with your team to enhance and enrich the content in the spreadsheet, and then applies some special formatting and controls so it can be properly read and interpreted by the platform. With a push of a button in an administrative console, the spreadsheet is loaded into the platform, and a tool is automatically developed and delivered to users.

Along with the spreadsheet, printed reports are created and specified in a similar fashion, with an Alinean analyst using Word or PPT to create the report, using XML to pull key results and specify charts and graphs for inclusion.

Should the team want to update the user interface, metrics, report or other tool elements, an update and republish into the XcelLive™ platform of the spreadsheet, Word and/or PPT template are all that is needed – with NO custom software development or modifications needed.

More information on the platform can be found at:


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