Best Practices for Building and Using Value-based Sales and Marketing Tools

This may sound odd coming from a tool provider, but success requires not only an investment in the right tools, but often a change in approach and practices to drive success.

To help promote these practices, we have created the Fight Frugalnomics™ resource center, to help promote the use of value-based sales and marketing best practices and tools needed to address today’s more empowered, skeptical and frugal buyer.

The resource center provides an extensive on-line collection of independent thought leadership articles, research and advice to help you select the right strategy and guide your program tactics. Topics include:

  • Content marketing optimization and interactive smart content,
  • Value-based sales enablement optimization,
  • IT and Marketing Economics,
  • Value sales & marketing, ROI and TCO basics,
  • Alinean customer case studies and best practice examples.
The resource center can be found at


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