When are Interactive White Papers best used in the sales & marketing process?

Interactive White Papers can be used at various stages to help facilitate the buyer’s decisions, depending on the content of the white paper itself.

Early in the sales cycle, during the discovery phase, buyers need help in identifying issues and understanding what solutions might exist to help solve their priority opportunities. Interactive White Papers that contain personalized research, simple diagnostic assessments, relevant case studies and personalized solution recommendations serve best during this stage.

When solutions are being investigated, during the consideration phase, buyers need help in understanding the differentiating various solution options and alternatives, and quantifying the economic justification. Interactive White Papers with intelligent solution recommendations and configurations, quantified personalized benefits and ROI estimates help best during this middle stage.

During the later stages of the buyer’s decision cycle, the selection phase, buyers need to be assured that they are selecting the solution with the best value. Interactive White Papers with personalized competitive comparison matrices and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparisons often serve best during this final stage.


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