Alinean Powers Diagnostic Assessment Tool: the Sage Pacer Survey

In the current climate of cost management and strategic spending (Frugalnomics), organizations need to get some idea of where they stand compared to others in their industry. Knowing where business processes rank can enable organizations to locate and leverage areas of strength and remediate weak processes.

The Sage Pacer Survey can help businesses asses their current state of the business, how the existing business processes impacts the ability to meet changing business conditions, and what the business sees on the near horizon. Responses to these questions are then compared against the average responses of a similar industry, revenue and employee-sized peer groups. These benchmark comparisons provide insight into how other organizations see their processes in light of current economic conditions, and how this compares to the businesses' responses.

This tool is used in demand-generation campaigns to help engage executives, diagnose opportunities and drive further engagements by sales. The tool is used to generate hundreds of benchmark reports each month, driving more high quality leads, shortening sales cycles, driving incremental sales and improving competitive advantage.

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