Over 200% ROI from a Value Selling Program Sound Impossible? Find out for yourself.

Buyers have fundamentally changed, requiring quantification of benefits, superior ROI, faster payback and lower TCO from each proposed investment - a condition called Frugalnomics.

As a marketer you may realize that buyers are doing more research on-line before engaging with sales, and that these frugal buyers are in need of on-line self service tools to help them diagnose issues, quantify the benefits or validate the superior value of your solutions.

Or you may be a sales enablement manager seeking to arm your direct / channel sales teams with the tools they need to engage frugal buyers earlier in the buying cycle, and with more value, incuding arming them with the diagnostic asssessment, ROI and TCO tools they need to succeed.

Regardless, how do you know how much benefit these tool and program investments will yield?  Will the  investment yield a good return and quick payback? What options are available to drive perhaps higher returns?

Alinean, with research from IDC, has developed a quick and easy way to quantify the ROI from you value selling and marketing investments. In 10 minutes or less you can use this new diagnostic ROI tool to assess whether these programs make fiscal sense for your team, and receive a 10+ page analysis report you can share with other stakeholders to validate the investment and drive improvements.


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