Trend Micro Risk and Compliance Assessment tool (powered by Alinean)

Trend Micro wanted to help busy security officers and IT managers quickly and easily understand where they might be falling short on security risk and compliance management policies, and how not addressing these issues could lead to potential downtime, data loss, fines, brand damage and bottom-line impact.

Trend Micro subject matter experts worked with Alinean to create the Trend Micro Risk and Compliance Assessment tool, designed to benchmark a company’s current security risk and compliance practices versus peers and best practice leaders. The tool, accessed from Trend Micro’s website, can help the users identify ways to improve their company’s current security practices and the resulting benefits from the improvements.

The model creates a Risk Exposure Profile, peer comparisons and advice on:
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Vulnerability management
  • Patch management
  • Risk management

 To review the tool and determine your own risks click here


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