Monday, September 20, 2010

One-size-fits-all whitepapers ineffective due to Information Overload? Fight Back with ZDE Smart Papers

B2B buyers are, quite simply, not all the same. However, the bulk of marketing activities that B2B technology vendors use involve the same information, in the same way, over and over to prospects as different as Joe’s Barber Shop and Exxon Mobil. This results in a slower buying process and the continual carpet bombing of buyer inboxes with the same static, mass-distributed whitepapers that every vendor sends out.

So, how do you make whitepapers more effective, more relevant, more ONE-TO-ONE? How do you connect with buyers and make sure your message resonates to them personally? How do you ensure your content won’t get filtered out?

By creating content that is dynamic, adaptive and personalized with SmartPapers, changing the way white papers engage buyers.

Ziff Davis Enterprise (ZDE), a leader in innovative enterprise IT media and engagement solutions, announced today that it has partnered with Alinean to launch SmartPapers, a dynamic white paper platform that adapts content based on reader interaction.

Designed to create more impactful and highly relevant content experiences for buyers – and yield deeper engagements and higher conversions for marketers – SmartPapers, powered by Alinean, connect a solution's benefits to the unique needs of each customer through a question-and-answer interface that updates dynamic text modules within the white paper. For buyers, SmartPapers provide a fast and easy way to personalize specific data and messaging points in the white paper, enabling them to streamline their research and create more effective resources that can be shared within their organization.

For sponsors, SmartPapers offer a turnkey solution to build new, or upgrade existing, static white papers and start making deeper connections with potential customers by offering a higher level of relevance to their customers' needs. All interactions with the SmartPaper are tracked, offering a higher level of buyer intelligence and insight into customer pain points than is available through standard white paper programs.

"Our research shows that the features today's buyers want most is the ability to personalize and customize their content experience, to control how they interact with the content, and that they are more likely to share and socialize content that is relevant to them," said Josh Heitsenrether, Senior Vice President, Ziff Davis Enterprise Strategic Services. "By utilizing our dynamic SmartPapers, marketers can deliver more personalized and more impactful results to potential buyers that will ultimately lead to deeper engagements and higher lead conversions."

SmartPapers work with any type of white paper content and any technology / B2B solution offering. Marketers can choose to upgrade their existing white papers, tech briefs or case studies, or they can leverage Ziff Davis Enterprise's Strategic Content services to create new SmartPapers. SmartPapers are ideal for use in lead generation programs or as part of a Ziff Davis Enterprise SmartSite program; they can also be easily integrated with leading lead scoring and nurturing platforms to deliver better intelligence for sales.

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