Forrester announces Sales Enablement Conference focused on Selling into the New Economy

We were excited to hear that Forrester's first Sales Enablement Conference will be focused on Selling into the New Economy.

As sponsors of the conference, Alinean is greatly looking forward to participating and helping sales enablement professionals understand how the new economy is driving significant changes in buyer sentiment, and how addressing such changes will mean the difference between taking the lead, or being an also-ran.

If you are a sales enablement professional you have to attend this event to learn how these changes will drive demands and shape investments.

From our research we know that two economic downturns in the past decade have permanently changed how B2B solutions are bought and sold, forcing all stakeholders to focus on quantified bottom-line impacts. Alinean has coined a term to capture this change - Frugalnomics.  We feel that those companies that recognize and address this fundamental Frugalnomics market shift with the right sales effectiveness enablement investments, particurly value selling initiatives, will have significant more success than those focused on sales efficiency.

According to Forrester, "In today's dramatically changing world, many of you are also at a metaphorical fork in the road. The path most traveled represents squeezing that last ounce of productivity from the tried-and-true practices that got you to where you are today. The other path is being set by trailblazers who recognize that the economy is resetting itself and new go-to-market models are emerging."

The new go-to market models are shaped by buying organizations who are forced to do-more-with-less, as a result, putting pressure on solution providers to demonstrate clearly how proposed solutions can help prospects drive savings, improve competitive advantage and deliver bottom-line impact. Value selling is an imperative.

"Simply put, it's a race to see who can develop a selling system that allows client-facing people to add more value to clients, at every interaction. These value-exchange patterns are different based on your customer types, the problems you help address, and the role your organization plays in solving them." according to Forrester.

Forrester indicates that key topics will include:

What do buying executives actually think of how they are engaged by sellers? There’s a lot of talk about getting sales and marketing to sing off the same page, but what is the song? Any kind of alignment should start with buyers, and we are going to present a mountain of buyer insights that in many ways are jaw-dropping.

What does your CEO expect from your selling and marketing efforts? CEOs are caught between their investors’ expectations of more profitable growth and the increasing perception of being mere commodities from buyers. George Colony (our founder and CEO) will share results from his exclusive chief executive research project and provide you with what’s on the mind of your CEOs.

Where is sales enablement heading, and how do you get started? We’ve been working closely with many leading companies to figure out new ways to develop more adaptive go-to-market models designed to help sales organizations add more value to executive-level buyers. We’ll share our findings and also showcase a rich mix of speakers who are in various stages of the journey to provide you with real-world advice.

The Bottom-Line
The conference will be held in San Francisco on February 14th and 15th, and if you are sales enablement professional, you have to attend this key event.

At this event, Alinean will be announcing significant findings and new solutions, and will have key value selling analysts on hand to help discuss how these best practices can be applied to drive improved selling effectiveness and success.

More information on the event can be found at:,9179,2438,00.html

Forrester's blog announcing the event can be found at:


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