HP launches Blade ROI campaign, powered by Alinean

When examining IT budgets in 2010, "Keeping the lights on" operations consumes more than 60% of total budgets (according to IDC | Alinean research - 2010). As a result, most organizations are left scant funds to drive needed migrations / upgrades, or to apply to innovative business solutions. The more organizations can reduce on-going operations costs, the more budgets can be allocated towards new projects and innovation.

To reduce high on-going operations costs, IT decision makers are fervently looking for solutions to help drive cost savings, in particular solutions that help simplify, consolidate and standardize to cost savings.

As organizations virtualize, blade solutions help provide a simpler, consolidated and standardized server infrastructure.

To help clients understand the savings and benefits of blades, HP has created a valuable microsite and toolkit, powered by Alinean: http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/blades/components/matrix/tco/index.html


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