Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windows 7 ROI Calculator Updated

The Windows 7 ROI Calculator is a tool that lets users enter in their current PC configurations – such as how many computers and what operating systems they run – and selecting a Windows 7 version, tally the current total cost of PC ownership and compare it to improvements with Windows 7

The Windows 7 ROI Calculator, using case study research from Microsoft deployments, quantifies how much money IT and the business would save or lose by switching to Windows 7, including a calculation of key financial metrics such as ROI, and time to breakeven on the Windows 7 Investment (payback period).

The calculator was developed and launched by Alinean about 6 months ago and initially contained research from early case studies of Windows 7 pre-release deployments.

With Windows 7 released for some time, it was appropo to do a refresh and put in results of even more real world findings, as well as incorporate valuable field feedback from users.

In this latest round, we updated the Windows 7 ROI Calculator with:

1) the latest research from Microsoft Windows 7 case studies and deployments, refining the benefit assumptions, as well as cost to deploy metrics.

2) deriving the value per user of key Windows 7 Enterprise features and MDOP to highlight the potential value for Windows 7 Enterprise vs. other editions.

The latest additional research reinforced that for most organizations, improving management with an optimized desktop based on Windows 7 and MDOP can provide some significant productivity benefits and cost savings. And as Microsoft worked to lower the cost of deployment, with lower change costs, the return on investment is superior to prior versions. In engagements we have been involved in, estimated savings of 10%, to as much as 30% are possible, with ROIs of 130% to 350%.

See for yourself what you can save with Windows 7 at:

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