ShoreTel guarentees TCO savings for UC solutions

Knowing how important value is for today's economic buyer, ShoreTel has just announced an innovative program for its customers - a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings guarentee.

ShoreTel, with a low up-front cost and less complex solution than the competition has demonstrated a clear cost advantage versus competitors such as Cisco, Avaya, Nortel and Mitel. With independent research to back up these claims, and an Alinean 3rd party developed / powered TCO / ROI Analysis tool to quantify the unique TCO savings quickly for each customer, ShoreTel will guarantee the lowest TCO, so you know that when you purchase and deploy a ShoreTel UC solution, that it will deliver higher net savings than the competition.

A complete TCO analysis enables organizations to compare competing solutions on an equal footing—like for like—and align those solutions with business needs. These comparisons are done head to head versus legacy TDM solutions, and versus any number of UC competitive offerings.

For ShoreTel to prove lower cost of ownership, a "chart of accounts" is used to compare costs over 3 to 5 years, for each investment option comparing:
> Capital Costs - switches, phones, software, networking and systems management tools
> Operational Start-up Costs - implementation labor and services, and training
> Ongoing telephony system cost - support contracts, change management and systems management
> Ongoing network costs - circuit / bandwidth costs, long distance charges, power and cooling costs, and carbon footprint

We believe that although only a handful of companies are offering financial service level agreements (SLAs) such as TCO / ROI guarentees, as buyers focus on bottom-line impact more and more, solution providers will need to share in the return on investment risks with the buyer more and more. Solution providers such as ShoreTel who enable their direct sales force and partners to guarentee savings and competitive advantage will clearly outperform those that are slow to adopt value selling and financial SLAs.

For more information on the Shoretel TCO guarentee program visit:


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