Monday, March 08, 2010

Time to Result: What Value-Based Sales Tools are all About

Research content is any content that is valuable to a business person because it helps them shorten the “time to result.” states Rex Hammock's blog post about the two most important content elements in B2B marketing campaigns. According to Mr. Hammock, "In business and online content, the concept of time to result typically refers to the time necessary for a busy business person to get to the information he or she needs to answer a question, or make a decision."

This got me to thinking about our own interactive sales and marketing tools and how they meet this criteria of B2B content marketing importance.

Collecting a few data points, the Alinean Assessment, ROI analysis, and TCO Comparison tools use industry research and analytics to help frugal decision makers determine which strategy / projects can deliver the best returns, quantify the savings and return on investment, and compare total costs to know that the selected solution represents the best choice / value. Without these tools, it could take months to build your own assessment, business case or cost comparison.

How important are these "time to result" tools? According to Mr. Hammock, "This content is some of the most valuable content your company can provide. It’s the kind of content that is mission critical and worth paying for because it shortens a person’s time to success."

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