Marketing Leaders indicate Sales Enablement Tools as key for 2010 Success

IDC's Essential Guidance for Marketing Executives for 2010 outlines survey results of almost 50 technology marketers, and found these executives expect to grow marketing budgets into 2010. In the IDC survey, respondents indicated that they plan to spend 3.5% more on marketing in 2010 when compared to last year. This reverses the downward trend, where in 2009 spending dropped 8.3% on average.

Although advertising still commands the largest share of the budget at 21%,

> Marketing support and sales tools consumes 18% of overall spending, and is expected to gain substantially in spending, with over 40% indicating a significant rise in sales tool investments in 2010

> Digital marketing investments, including corporate web sites, are only 13% of total spending today, but are expected to gain substantially with over 85% expecting significant investment increases in on-line interactive marketing.

The go forward advice from IDC?
> “Bundle” your new budget requests with budget savings to show frugal focus and fiscal responsibility
> Do not lose control over the “Three Pillars” of Marketing
> Create new Sales Enablement Tools
> “Go Digital” with strong corporate-led digital marketing operations.

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