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BizTech Magazine features Alinean ROI tools for virtualization

Biz Tech Magazine profiled five technologies which could help provide quick payback and significant ROI.

To help demonstrate the value of one of these, datacenter virtualization, the magazine featured two ROI tools from Alinean. Their advice, IT decision makers don’t have to crunch the numbers on their own and can use ROI / TCO calculators from Alinean to help produce credible business cases.

To quote the magazine, “There are many effective ROI calculators out there, including this go-to calculator from Microsoft: and this provided by VMware:”.

Launching new VMware ROI / TCO Tool at VMworld

This week I have the pleasure of being in San Fransisco to launch an update to our already popular ROI / TCO tool for VMware.

Proving the value of virtualization remains extremely important in order to get more of the datacenter virtualized, and prove the value of new projects such as virtualizing desktops.

VMware continues their best practices in providing customers with credible / conservative return on investment analysis of virtualization with the new VMware ROI / Tool developed by Alinean.

This new version incorporates the latest research, VMware management solutions to quantify the value of virtualizing servers, DR, test / development and desktops.

The tool is available at: