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Full Armor's Policy Portal: First Core Infrastructure Optimization Solution via Cloud

A new solution has been introduced that promises to change the way organizations implement and manage their core infrastructure via Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing platform. FullArmor’s PolicyPortal, running on Microsoft Azure, can help organization achieve infrastructure optimization leveraging the assets already in place, and without having to invest in incremental management infrastructure, training, labor or services.

According to IDC, organizations that having non-optimized “Basic” core infrastructure practices average a whopping $1,320 per user per year in end-point management and support costs alone. Reducing the high cost of endpoint management, representing 20% of total IT spending at typical companies, represents a great opportunity to meet cost savings goals in today’s frugal environment.

In research, IDC evaluated more than 20 potential best practices and identified three that are consistently used by top-performing IT departments for optimizing Windows desktops and end-po…