Microsoft launches first server virtualization financial planning toolkit at Worldwide Partner Conference, developed by Alinean.

The program integrates the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit with Alinean ROI analysis for the first asset and configuration based ROI analysis of server virtualization.

Microsoft's Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) can be used by organizations to monitor and assess servers for virtualization. Discovering server assets and then monitoring utilization, the real world performance information is used to help IT teams assess the best potential candidates for virtualization, and determine the best configuration for host servers. Using this real world asset and performance information, imported into the Alinean developed Microsoft Integrated Virtualization ROI Calculator, provides more accurate assessment of true total cost of ownership (TCO) savings and ROI advantages of Microsoft's Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, and integrated virtualization solutions.

The MAP toolkit download can be found at:

The Alinean developed Microsoft Integrated Virtualization ROI Calculator can be found at:


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