Thursday, June 04, 2009

Green IT importance is rising, and so are needs for Green IT focused sales tools

Applied Research surveyed over 1,000 North American IT professionals about their attitudes and practices regarding green IT.

The findings showed significant uptick in green IT plans, strategies and spending:
1. Green IT Is Now an Essential
2. Green IT Budgets Are Rising
3. IT Is Willing to Pay a Premium for Green IT
4. IT Is at the Heart of Enterprise Green Efforts
5. Green IT Initiatives More of a Priority

The findings can be found at:

If you are a vendor without Green IT messaging, and more importantly tools to quanitify the Value of Green IT for your solutions, you are not meeting these important and rising customer trends for environmental sustainability initiatives.

One of the leading Value of Green IT programs was created by Microsoft. The campaign can be found at:
This portal is great at aligning Microsoft solutions with the growing Green IT programs, and proving that Green IT is not just about saving the environment, but saving the other Green - Dollars - as well, which is essential with today's frugal conditions.

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