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E-mail overload costs organizations over $5,000 per user per year

E-mail has grown to be one of the most important communication and collaboration tools for business. As a result of its utility, according to IDC e-mail volume has doubled over the past 5 years to over 40 billion person to person e-mails daily. Moreover, the volume is expected to continue to grow over 18% in each of the next five years.

For the average e-mail user over 30% of their day is now spent on creating, organizing, reading and responding to e-mail, a significant amount of time that could potentially be streamlined. The growth in e-mail volume and handling time, is bringing with it growing dissatisfaction with e-mail as a productivity tool. E-mail once a tool for improved productivity is now a contributing source to information overload and is compromising further increases in corporate productivity and competitive advantage.

Widely reported are the e-mail volume issues relating to spam. In organizations without proper protection in place, spam comprises 20% of total e-mail vo…