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Technology Sales & Marketing - Party Like its 1999?

Technology Sales & Marketing - Party Like its 1999?

A Q&A with me on latest IT sales and marketing metrics, trends and best practices

Is 2006 shaping up to be a good year for IT spending growth?

The latest survey results were just released by IDC, and it looks like there is some cause for celebration. Worldwide annual growth in global IT spending is expected to be 6.3% in 2006, with annual growth in software sales leading the way at 7.0%. Annual growth in hardware sales and services are less, but still healthy at 6.0%.

Compared to 2002 where growth was a dismal -31% for system vendors and -18% for service providers, these are happy days. But these growth figures are still a far cry from the pre-bubble burst years of 1999 through 2001, where double digit growth was the norm.

Do the latest increases in IT spending mean good things for IT Sales and Marketing executives?

Indeed, the growth presents some great opportunities for the savvy IT solution provider. Our partner IDC's CMO Ad…
I received a question recently regarding VoIP: How do I do an analysis for VoIP on my network? The client had 24 sites, of which 5 were bigger sites (200-300 users) and the rest had 10-20 users. Management wanted a cost saving analysis and the team prepared a brief 2 month benefit calculation on thier own, but they needed more in order to get approval, and management was pushing back.

It is typical with such a large resource and capital investment to spend more time and do a more robust analysis, so your executive’s request is not unusual, and in fact prudent. Typically for VoIP we recommend doing an analysis of the costs and benefits over a three year period.
The key with any analysis is to try to keep it simple and straightforward and not make it a project in data collection and analysis paralysis.

As an overview of the analysis, consider the following line items to include in the analysis to make it robust enough for approval, but not overkill.

Some of the opportunities for savings an…